iMac 2021 to PlayStation 5: 6 best new gadgets of 2021 (so far) on our lush list

The best new gadgets of 2021 (so far), including the all-new iMac, Sony's unbeatable ANC headphones, the generation-defining PlayStation 5 and more, aren't just devices that push the needle on performance, power and capability. They're also the devices that experiment with form, design and are mindful of the planet and our sustainability needs. Whether it’s a desktop from Apple whose innards are made of recycled material, a TV that comes in eco-friendly packaging that can sub for a bookshelf or,

5 best premium smartphones of 2021 (so far)

There’s a smartphone for every budget and preference today, so where does that leave premium smartphones? The flagships and top-of-the-line devices that the world’s biggest brands present with pride are, for all purposes, luxury items, but they are also the ones that stand on the cutting-edge of new technology. Lately, all eyes have been on the camera. If you want a 3-digit megapixel lens on a quad camera system that can actually shoot well in low-light, before everyone else does - that comes at

Best wireless headphones of 2021 (so far)

It'd be difficult to pinpoint the moment when we collectively transitioned to wireless headphones, and began to think of this device as a necessity, not a luxury. But the fact is, you do find cords a hassle, and have incorporated Bluetooth headphones into every aspect of your lifestyle with gusto: Be it for fitness or work, leisure or assistance.

Whatever it is that you are in the market for – oversized, big sound and expensive over-ear headphones to properly immerse yourself in a round of Dest

The GoPro Hero9 Black is GQ’s favourite action camera of 2020

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man who’s lived in mandatory isolation through a pandemic with no end in sight must be in desperate need of the outdoors. Seasons have changed, the end of the year is nigh and we bet you’re considering that little road trip to your closest valley or beach destination. You know what you’ve got to pack - along with the masks, sanitisers and a sense of healthy distance, the latest GoPro must make the checklist.

Just like Xerox for photocopiers and Polar

iPad Air (2020) Review: In a word, excellent

Something between a laptop and a smartphone: A decade ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad as the middle child in Apple’s exciting and growing lineup of computing devices. On that January day in 2010, the late Apple chief sat on a couch on the stage, demonstrating at an easy pace the many things Apple’s new “revolutionary and magical product” could do. With it, you could access email, browse the Web, watch a movie, check out your photo gallery or read books. He dismissed the netbook - “they aren’

OnePlus 8T 5G Review: A capable flagship

A survey some years ago concluded that the average person pulls out their smartphone over 80 times a day. No doubt, this number’s gone up, if not changed to spending much longer hours on these limbic devices, as we’ve all sheltered in place, weathering out a pandemic. Those who’ve lived through their screens know the necessity of having a powerful, serious device; one with or without flashy, headline-making specs; but certain reliability and speed.

OnePlus’ newest smartphone is a winner on the
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