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MC Recommends: Echoes of Earth, a history of hip-hop jewellery and All That Breathes

Platitude or not, it’s a truth universally acknowledged: The ultimate luxury is time. This week’s selections all intersect at the watchtower: An exhibition that covers two centuries of a luxury design house’s evolution; a documentary that illustrates just how fast the clock is ticking for us all; a music festival worthy of your hours spent outdoors; a book that throws light on a love affair forged in fire; and tried-and-tested accessories you don’t need to spend another minute debating on before buying. Dive in.

The 26 best drinks in Goa

The best drinks in Goa right now are not pricey imports, but are very much products of Goa. There are reportedly 3,000 micro-distilleries registered in Goa, set up in heritage Portuguese villas, palm tree-lined farms in the middle of nowhere and more. And with painstaking precision, they are reinventing your favourite alcohol: whisky, beer, gin, rum are all being infused with local and seasonal ingredients. Even feni and mahua have their own crusaders, ready to break into the mainstream.
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